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Getting Started
  • descriptionWhat is StalkOwl?
    StalkOwl is India’s best price tracking site that provides price drop alerts and price history charts for products sold on E-commerce sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.
  • descriptionWhat is StalkList?
    StalkList is a list of products that you have chosen in order to stalk (follow/track) the price. You can add the product to StalkList just by using a Bookmarklet or Copy- Paste the product link in the box. All the products in StalkList by default will be in active list. You can unfollow the product anytime by simply transferring it to the inactive list.
  • descriptionWhat is box?
    A rectangular box on home page lets you add products to StalkList.
  • descriptionWhich E-commerce sites can I use for stalking product price?
    As of now we have partnered with Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong, Paytm and we promise to add many more Webstores for your convenience. Thus, you can select any of the above mentioned E-commerce sites.
  • descriptionWhat is report link?
    If you are facing problems regarding incorrect product link, price, image or any other associated information to the third party product link, you can easily report that link to us by simply clicking on "Report this link" on Home page.
  • descriptionWhat is "Add to Stalk" button?
    If a product is already being stalked by other stalkers(users of StalkOwl) than you can directly add that specific product to your StalkList by clicking on "Add to Stalk" button rather than copy pasting the product link to box. The product links shared using whatsapp and copy link also has this "Add to Stalk" button for your ease of use.
  • descriptionWhat is whatsapp and copy link?
    It's easy to share your product in StalkList with your friends on whatsapp when you are accessing the website on your smartphone. Just click on the whats app icon shown on product listing page and share to friends. As an alternative you can also copy the product link using "Copy Link" and share with anybody.
  • descriptionWhat is Price History Graph? How it works? How it helps me to take buying decision?
    Price history graph is a Stalkowl service which helps you to take smart buying decision when prices of products fluctuates variedly . Price history graph is graphical representation of product price versus time and will be viewable to you as soon as either you or other user has added a particular product to StalkList. Looking at the graph you will be able to make your decision about the right time to purchase the product and thus saving incredibly.
  • descriptionWhen will graph be generated for products added to StalkList?
    StalkOwl will start tracking the price immediately when product is added to StalkList. Graphs will be generated after few days when enough data has been collected in order to show you appropriate results.
  • descriptionWill my information be shared to third party if I login using Social Media?
    Stalkowl never shares your personal information to any third party. Login using social media is a way to make the service more convenient.
  • descriptionIs StalkOwl responsible for delivery of product?
    No, StalkOwl is not responsible for delivery of product. As you purchase from third party sites, they are responsible for product delivery and other product related concerns.
  • descriptionHow do I earn Cashback?
    In order to earn cashback, follow four simple steps - 1. Login into www.stalkowl.com - 2. Click on Buy button for the product you wish to purchase - 3. Do not tamper/change product link when you will be redirected to third party site. 4. Complete your purchase transaction. You can also earn cashback by referring about StalkOwl to a friend. * Cashback will be applicable only on successful order.
  • descriptionWhy does it take 60 days for cashback to get validated?
    As your cashback is subject to successful sales happening at the third party sites, StalkOwl has to wait for third party sites to approve the transaction/ sale before validating them. Usually, third party sites have a 60 day cooling off period, during which items are generally likely to be returned. The third party sites validate the transaction only after these 60 days, and thus it takes us 60 days to validate your cashback.
  • descriptionWhen will I receive cashback?
    Your cashback will be credited to your StalkOwl’s account after 60 days because your sales will be validated /approved after 60 days by third party sites.
  • descriptionWhen can I redeem my Cashback?
    You can redeem Cashback via NEFT only when you at least have earned INR 500 as Cashback. Once you have earned Cashback more than the defined limit, you shall request for payment and we'll be happy to transfer it in your bank account. * Cashback amount will not be given as Cash.
  • descriptionWhere can I use cashback?
    You can redeem earned Cashback via NEFT, Gift Cards or Third party wallet transfer.
  • descriptionWhat are Gift cards?
    Few third party sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and many more offer Gift Cards. Stalkowl lets you to utilize your Cashback so that you can purchase these Gift Cards. Moreover, you can either use these Gift Cards on your next shopping or gift the same to your loved ones.
  • descriptionWhat is wallet transfer?
    Wallet transfer helps you to transfer your earned Cashback to Mobile Wallets. Mobile wallets are offered by third party sites such as Freecharge, Paytm, Mobikwik and many more.
  • descriptionWhat if I click on buy button without login? WIll I be able to earn cashback?
    If you purchase without login into the website then your sale is not validated by third party sites and thus you will not be eligible for cashback. In order to earn Cashback refer - "How do I earn Cashback ?”
  • descriptionHave other Cashback related questions?
    You can generate a ticket from Support section, if your earned Cashback is not reflecting in the Cashback section. * We may ask you to provide some information related to order or screenshots so that we can confirm your Cashback. Kindly cooperate with the same as that will help us to represent your concern to the E-commerce site (from which you have shopped).
  • descriptionWhat is StalkOwl’s Referral Programme?
    Referral Programme is an initiative that not only gives you a chance to increase your earnings by referring StalkOwl to new users but also makes other users aware of this platform, which aids them to save smartly during online shopping. A win-win situation for all. So, spread the word and get new users to join us.

    Under the StalkOwl’s Referral Programme, you will get your earned Cashback when your referred friend completes first purchase via StalkOwl.
  • descriptionHow can I refer?
    You will be able to see your referral link once you log in to your StalkOwl’s account under Referral menu. You can either write a review about StalkOwl and share the referral URL in it, or you can directly share it on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. You can also tell your friends and/ or family about StalkOwl through private messages or mails.
Account Settings
  • descriptionYou can't change password if you are registered using ONLY Facebook/Google. Why?
    If you have logged in to the website using social media accounts (Facebook, Google), then you will not be able to change password but yes you can set a new password with "Forgot Password" feature.
  • descriptionHow do I change my password?
    Stalkowl helps you to change password to its registered members using the dashboard. Incase you forget your password then you can change it using "Forgot Password".
  • descriptionHow do I update my email address or phone number?
    As of now you will have to use the same email address and phone number, but rest assured as we will soon provide you the option to update the same. For further query related to this, you can drop us a mail at: [email protected]